Urbane Vegan Degustation

Last night I attended the first Vegan Dinner held at Urbane in Brisbane. Being fairly health conscious, with a vegetarian sister and just curious to see what amazing things Alejandro could do with essentially only fruits and vegetables, the second I saw this special event I knew I had to be there… and boy am I glad I was.

With one long table and the lights dimmed, this was a very relaxed and intimate setting encouraging conversation and shared appreciation of the artwork we were about to eat.

It started with a few words from the head chef Alejandro Cancino bringing our awareness to the adverse effects of meat consumption on the environment, as well as our own bodies. With this slightly upsetting information at the forefront of our minds, I’m sure made the meal that much sweeter.

So alongside local celebrity chef and TV personality Alastair McLeod, some great friends and some new friends I didn’t expect to make, we went on a journey of clean, healthy, mindful eating and drinking that reinvigorated and delighted the senses.

Here are some photos from the kitchen that Urbane posted on their Facebook page . It is hard to fully capture the depth of flavour, different levels of texture and colour and unbelievable taste sensations Alejandro created on these plates. Developing a perfectly diverse 11 courses and 5 appetite whetters without meat or animal products, is no mean feat.

It is a lovely feeling to walk out of a restaurant absolutely wowed, not disappointed that you could have done better at home for a third the price. Well done Alejandro. Thank you.


Vegetable Escabache


Olive and Saffron Toast

Seaweed Chips with Herb Cream

Eggplant, Edamame, Avocado and Rye

Beetroot, Quandong and Almond Cheese

Lupin Bean, Onion and Ginger Broth

Housemade Sourdough with Salty Almond Butter

Herb Broth, Globe Artichoke, Fried Quinoa and Hazelnuts

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