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Hi, I’m Laura. I’m glad you’ve stopped by Eatin’ Mess.

When I’m not running the family’s telecommunications business, and even sometimes when I am, it’s all about food. Thinking about it, planning it, cooking it, photographing it, blogging it, eating it!

Eatin’ Mess is a play on words of the famous, and one of my favourite desserts, Eton Mess. Eatin’ Mess is a place where I develop and share the weird and wonderful recipes hiding in my head and celebrate cooking, eating and and all things edible.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope to become one of your regular foodie blogs.

Laura x


4 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi
    Is it Ok if I use your blog for a college assignment on Food photography. I am doing Photo Imaging part time at CATC in Brisbane. I also have my own business. Food photography will be one of my specialisations. I just want to use your blog as my preferred client.

    Many Thanks


  2. Hi Laura!

    How are you? I am Katherine – a food blogger located in Orlando, FL, USA! I’ll be visiting Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane for 2 weeks in December. What are some delicious locations to try for students on a budget? My friends and I are also willing to splurge here and there as well.

    Let me know if you’re free for coffee or lunch with my friend and I when we’re in Brisbane! We’ll be specifically in Brisbane the night of Dec 14 to the afternoon of Dec 18.

    Best regards,

    Katherine K. Nguyen

    Katherine Nguyen Photography
    Blogger of TastyChomps.com

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