Spirit House Cooking School


Well you all know I am completely and utterly obsessed with Spirit House. The food absolute perfection, the setting is peaceful and tranquil, the service is fantastic, and to top it all off they have been so appreciative and supportive of Eatin’ Mess. Does it get any better?

If you haven’t been since I last demanded that you did. Then hurry up! But to add to my list of must do’s, is to not only spend a few good hours on a Friday afternoon¬†wining and dining at Spirit House, it’s to do it as part of a cooking class. My bestie E is moving to the UK in the coming weeks and so as one of the farewell events, of which there is many, was to go to the Spirit House Cooking School. So glad we did.¬†From start to finish the experience was fantastic. The lesson was informative and interesting and I picked up lots of tips on things that I had never got right, like cracking coconut cream. But, the proof was in the eating, with about 15 amateurs doing lots of little jobs for only 4 dishes, the end product was phenomenal. What a feast.

The highlight for me was the Red Curry sauce over the eye fillet of beef. Yum. Needless to say I couldn’t wait until my next Thai hit and recreated these dishes the following Friday evening. This won’t be the last time and I will definitely blog these recipes for you.

spirit-house-groundsTranquil tropical setting

spirit-house-student-kitchenCooking school kitchen

recipe-book-apronWelcome pack of recipes, shopping lists and our own Spirit House apron

spirit-house-cooking-schoolA fantastic run down of Asian flavours and ingredients for those new to Asian cooking

fresh-thai-ingredientsCooking stations with some of my favourite Asian ingredients

steamed-salmon-green-papaya-apple-saladSteamed Salmon with green apple and green papaya

thai-braised-duck-lychee-saladBraised duck with lychee salad

eye-fillet-red-curry-sauceEye fillet of beef with red curry sauce. Amazing!

pickled-vegetable-saladRefreshing pickled salad

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