Shakerato, meet Brisbane. Brisbane, meet the Shakerato!


A cult drink in New York. Direct from the espresso bars of Milan, Rome and Portofino, the Shakerato has arrived in Brisbane.

Pronounced shake-er-AH-toe, this little power pack of perfectly balanced sweetness and a good punch of caffeine is actually remarkably simple and only uses 3 ingredients. If you are a milky coffee kind of person, its a shot of espresso, sweet condensed milk and ice,  if you prefer your coffee black, the sweet milk is swapped for a simple sugar syrup.

The Shakerato is the perfect refreshing coffee hit for an afternoon at work that just wont seem to end, perfect way to finish off a meal in the warmer evenings, or actually, even as I type this post, at 10am, it would be perfect for right now.

To thank for my new addiction, is lovely Dean Merlo, founder and CEO of Merlo Coffee here in Brisbane. I am eternally grateful that Law wasn’t Dean’s cup of coffee. As well as providing Australia with their favourite coffee, Dean and Merlo Coffee are also bringing us the latest coffee trends from around the world. Merlo here in Brisbane is the first to bring the Shakerato to Australia and for that, we thank you.

Available at Merlo after 12pm, get down to your nearest Merlo Cafe today and kick start your weekend.

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