Lime and Parmesan Grilled Corn


This corn seems so simple but I promise you it’s SO good. So good in fact that when I went to do this post, I realised that there are only so many action shots when boiling and grilling corn, and unfortunately, they all look the same.  I have managed to narrow it down and give you only 2 shots of essentially the same photo from about 12. So I thought I would share with you something I can’t believe I haven’t already.

Meet ‘Jack’, Jackson Kelly, the cutest, smartest, funniest, most talked to little deaf blue cattle dog you will ever meet. Yes, deaf as a post, those cute little ears are purely decorative. I love him so much, I am actually obsessed!  The lil cutie is actually sitting with me now ‘helping’ (he loves helping) me write this post.


This was Jack’s mug shot from the Trading Post ad, and the moment I fell in love with him. The poor lonely little guy all by himself, his brothers and sisters (who could hear) had all found new homes.


 Jackie and I sharing a bottle of water at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk


Knows how to keep himself warm on a cold night


Serves 4 as a side

4 corn cobs
1 bunch of coriander
1 cup parmesan, finely grated
Juice of 1 lime
1/2 tsp smoky paprika
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp butter, melted

Boil corn for 8 – 10 minutes until just cooked.

In the meantime, mix the lime juice, paprika, cayenne, salt and butter together, mix well and set aside. Preheat a BBQ or grill plate.

Once the corn is cooked, drain and cook on the BBQ or grill pan to char, while basting with the lime, spice and butter baste. Cook for about 3 – 5 minutes until nicely coated with the baste and slightly charred.

While piping hot, sprinkle generously with coriander and Parmesan, so that the cheese and butter meld and melt into the cob. Serve immediately. Yum!

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