Bo’s Wood Fired Ovens


So I think I have just found the best way to cook… just about anything!

At our local Sunday markets I discovered these amazing pizza ovens. These ovens grabbed my eye immediately as they were big, bold and looked well made. Almost a work of art! However, after talking to the stall owner, and learning that these beautiful ovens are local, unique and made by him, after years of research and refinement, I realised these were so much more than just a pizza oven.

After sensing my food addict enthusiasm for his wonderful creations, Glenn, the talent behind these beautiful ovens, invited us to a cooking demonstration at his property for the following Saturday.

Wow! We arrived to the subtle but beautiful smell of the wood burning. I could smell that smell all day! Being demo’d, was homemade bread, rack of lamb, a savoury pizza and a sweet pizza. We got settled in for the afternoon.

While our feast was cooking, Glenn took us to the workshop and gave us a bit of an insight into the whole process, what he has learned from trial and error and how he has perfected these stunning ovens.

His attention to detail is phenomenal. The quality of the materials, to the quality of the workmanship, blew me away. From the high quality ceramic blankets that encase the oven to prevent fire and also to prevent the exterior of the oven getting so hot that the it is dangerous for kids and adults alike, to the stainless steel needles that are mixed with the “Pyrocrete” cement to prevent cracking (Glenn reckons these will last 50 years). Then there is the quality of the finishes, beautiful wood and stainless steel handles, thick, quality steel for the chimneys and the beautiful pebbles, mosaics and paints used to make your oven as unique as you like. It was then I realised, these ovens are the real deal!

Glenn’s design is unique in that the fire is below the cooking platform, not on it. You don’t get soot and ash on your food and you don’t have to keep rotating food to prevent one side burning and the other not cooking. Check the pictures, everything was perfectly evenly cooked. The platform has vents around the perimeter at the rear to allow heat (and flavour) from the fire below, into the oven. This is real outdoor cooking, no gas or brickettes here. You have full control of how “barbequed” tasting you want your food, for example, you could throw a bunch of rosemary on the fire when the lamb goes in, or a couple of chunks of hickory when the ribs go in. Yum!

This is the ultimate centre piece of any outdoor entertaining area, so… of course… we are getting one! Hooray. Cannot wait.

If you would like to know more about these ovens, you can at Bo’s website.

And I know that this probably sounds like a paid post, but it isn’t, promise. I am just so thoroughly impressed with these ovens and always happy to support other local businesses.










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