Guest Blogger: Cassie Cakes Cherry Tart with Cinnamon Honey Roasted Macadamia Ice Cream


I love Christmas and I start counting down the day’s months before December. I love everything about Christmas but of course I have very fond feelings about Christmas food. I made this tart to really capture what Christmas in Australia tastes like! Cherries are in season during December in Australia and this tart uses loads of sweet, fresh cherries, imbued with aromatic cinnamon and served with a lush cinnamon honey roasted macadamia ice cream. The tart is decorated with pastry star, sprinkled with sugar and more cinnamon. I promise you that the tart and ice cream is a match made in Santa Claus’s magic workshop – simply amazing! This is a wonderful and impressive dessert to serve this holiday season. 

Hi guys! My name is Cassandra and I have a blog all about food called Cassie Cakes. The lovely Laura from Eatin’ Mess and I met at a fortuitous blogging event a little while ago. I’m so excited to be a guest on her blog and am just as excited to have her as a guest on my blog. Thanks, Laura!

I started my blog earlier this year to share my love of food. I write restaurant reviews of places I eat and I also write recipes. I love to bake and create sweet things. I’m always thinking about the next cake, slice, cupcake recipe that I’m going to make and today I want to share with you my recipe for my Christmas Star Cherry Tart with Cinnamon Honey Roasted Macadamia Ice Cream.







For the full recipe, please head on over to Cassie Cakes

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