Hummus Veggie Garden
  • 2 long cumbers, one cut in half length ways, half peeled into ribbons with a veggie peeler and the other julienned into about 4 or 5cm batons
  • Yumi’s Anytime Classic Hummus
  • 1 large carrot, julienned into 4 or 5cm batons
  • ⅓ cup white vinegar
  • 2 tbs white sugar
  • 1 bunch of radishes, quartered length ways
  • 1 bunch of coriander
  1. First you need to start pickling your carrot. Mix the vinegar and sugar until dissolved. Add carrots and leave to pickle for at least an hour. Now my only tip for this canape is do not skip the pickling process, the pickled carrots give a sort of 'dressing' without making the whole this soggy. Super yummy. Don't skip it.
  2. Once your carrots are pickled, you are ready to assemble. Lay a cucumber ribbon down on a chopping board, the cut end to the left side. Spread the cucumber with a thin layer of hummus. Up the cut end of the cucumber, lay, vertically, one piece of cumber, three pieces of pickled carrot, one piece of radish and a sprig of coriander. Roll up. Repeat. Serve. Easy. Yumi.
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